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What is Sex Work?

What is the legal age for Sex Work?

The legal age to work in the adult industry is 18, though in some jurisdictions it is 21. Some companies only work with performers that are 21 and over. 

Which websites can I use to earn money as a Sex Worker?

There are so many websites available for upcoming sex workers to jump into! Most of the sites have very helpful guides in place to help you create your profile. You must have your ID to verify your age before you can add content to any adult entertainment website. 


  1. Niteflirt- Phone Sex, Camming, Clips, Chat, Tips and Pay2View Mail system – 70% Payout
  2. Clips4Sale- Fetish and XXX Clips, Tips – 60% Payout 
  3. ManyVids- Live Cam, Members Site, Fan Club, Clips, Tips – Various payouts 
  4. IWantClips- Clips, Phone Sex, Pay2View, Fan Club, Tips – Various payouts
  5. SextPanther – Sexting via phone
  6. OnlyFans- Fan Club site with pay2view messaging, live cam and Tips- 80% Payout
  7. MyFreeCams- Live cam- 
  8.  AVNStars- Stories like on IG, Fan Site, Follow other AVNStars, Private Messages with subscribers 
  9. Pornhub – Clips, GIFs, and Images

  1. Each site has their own Terms of Service, which includes the list of words and type of content you aren’t allowed to use on the site. You need to keep your content in compliance with the TOS of each site.
  2. Use multiple sites and methods to build your portfolio, following and brand, but choose a favorite to invest more of your time into. Use it as a homebase and work outword.  
  3. Start with what you know when making content, and grow from there. Learn new fetishes by doing research, and through experience. Push yourself but don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. Set your limits and stick with them. 
  4. Focus on creating quality content and making meaningful connections vs gaining social media followers. 
  5. Learn from those who came before you. Many offer free advice on their social media, or even mentorship courses you can use. Make sure you take advice with a grain of salt, as not all advice is applicable to everyone. Remember whatever you learn you need to try and see the results. Trial and error is a big part of the learning process. 
  6. Expect to pay taxes for your earnings. It is a legal career and you are required to pay 20-30% of earnings. 
  7. Using photos of others in your work (think genitals in a SPH clip) is a copyright violation. You need to pay for stock footage, hire a model or get consent from the person. 
  8. Use a schedule, such as planning a filming day each week, an editing day, an admin day, when a clip will be released, etc 
  9. If expense is an issue with hiring a graphic artist, or you just prefer not to, you can find many apps and programs for free. Canva.com is a great site to use for creating high quality graphics. Also, when hiring anyone to work on your site always try to find a sex worker friendly company. There are many photographers, website designers, graphic artists, writers, editors etc who are geared towards the sex industry. This site has the option to search for providers of those services.  
  10. Feel free to stay on top of money making trends but that does not mean to copy others (which is a reputation killer). Find a way to make it all your own and you will already stand out from the selection of clips available. 
  1. Many wishlists will reveal your address to the buyers. Use with caution. Accept gift cards to avoid, or use a PO Box and have someone else pick up for you. Some amazon delivery drivers are taking photos of package being delivered and uploading to prove delivery, buyer then see’s this. Many sex workers use amazon wishlists still. 
  2. Your social media for vanilla life should be completely private to the outside world, verify all settings are friends only. Use a non-identifying profile photo and header. Use separate emails and phones to maintain your vanilla personal social media & family connections away from your sex work social media. Facebook will connect your sex work instagram with your vanilla facebook profile simply by using the same phone for both. Your friends and family will receive sex worker profile ‘add as friend’ or ‘follow’ via Instagram and facebook. Some people may try to look up your personal profile using reverse image search, this is why you should use a non-identifying profile photo such as flowers, cake, album cover etc (optional, this is for people who prefer privacy)
  3. Use a sex worker email address instead of a personal one when you sign up for sex worker websites like Clips4Sale. The order receipt that the buyer receives shows the email address you signed up with. 
  4. Turn geolocation off on your photos in your phone. This will show a time, date and location on any photo you upload to the internet if left on. 
  5. Watermark your content because people will try to use it. 
  6. Photographers should have references, and they should be okay with you setting your limits for on set and bringing another person with you. If a photographer pushes for you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, that’s a red flag. Do not meet a random photographer, use the verified pro’s list from this website, and never go to a shoot if they do not want you to bring a companion, friend, manager, protection etc
  7. Do not film with another person without verifying they are 18, signing a contract with them that sets the conditions for the content, and getting a copy of their ID for your 2257 Record Keeping requirements. 
  8.  Group up at conventions. Room with others or, especially if alone, in the hotel where the convention is at. 
  9. Don’t post on social media exact location and when you are there if you want to maintain privacy and prevent someone from seeking you out in public. 
  10. It’s okay to engage with fans and buyers on social media, but do not allow them to take advantage of you.  Set a limit you’re comfortable with for engagement before you expect payment. Generally anything that is about their fetish, desire, sexual fantasy, what they want to do with/to you, should be kept to private and PAID for. Do not engage in private conversations for hours on end hoping to make a sale. Buyers will shop without much prompting if that is their true intention.